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Balconies are a creative method of extending your living space.

We have expert designers, planners and engineers who will transform your living space with special designs that will complement your current building structure. We will cover everything for you from the design, planning and structural engineering up to the foundation, the fabrication of the structure and delivery by low-bed trailer and heavy-duty crane, and we guarantee a high-quality technical performance.

Our balconies are made of ordinary steel or stainless steel and offer a filigreed, deflection-resistant
architecture, functional and appealing, completed by the variety of our safety balcony railings.
The balcony flooring made from Bangkirai or Siberian larch wood with integrated subsurface covering, full glass, open mesh, lightweight concrete or Balcodur floors offers a wide range of possibilities and optimises the desired longevity and freedom from maintenance.

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