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Severidt Metallbau KG
Varrentrappstraße 13
38114 Braunschweig

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Managing general partner:
Kathrin Severidt

Limited partner with commercial power of attorney:
Hans-Joachim Severidt

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Severidt Metallbau KG

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Tom Wöltge – www.tom-woeltge.de

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The author of a website linked to, not the one providing the link, is solely liable for illegal, inaccurate or incomplete contents as well as for disadvantages which may result from the use or disuse of the featured information.

Important Information

The decision of the Regional Court of Hamburg dated 12th May, 1998 states that by setting a link a person can under certain circumstances be held liable for the content of the website linked to. According to the Regional Court, this can only be prevented by explicitly dissociating oneself from these contents.
At this point, the Severidt Metallbau KG declares not to be responsible for the contents of the linked websites. The Severidt Metallbau KG dissociates itself explicitly from all contents of all linked websites and does not adopt those contents. This declaration applies to all links and website contents provided on the homepage www.severidt-metallbau.de.

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