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Internal and external constructive feedback and suggestions are regarded as a chance to improve our performance even more. We work together in a goal-oriented and interdivisional way. Due to our social responsibility we offer qualified, secure and innovative jobs. We also support apprenticeship and further education. Our ideas, technologies and actions serve the people, the society and the environment.

We maintain an open communication with our customers, public authorities and the public. Furthermore, we take our responsibility for the environment very seriously, therefore we practise the rational use of energy and preferably environment-friendly materials. We expect our suppliers and service providers to observe similar safety and environmental standards just like we warrant these standards to our customers.

We optimise processes by regular self-inspections and follow all laws, directives, regulations or any other obligations of legislature, public authorities and professional organisations. Also, we aim to minimize the risks of accidents for our employees by taking preventative measures and enhancing health protection. We motivate our employees to follow the regulations as far as job safety, health and environment protection.

The total of all senses in steel and metal determines our thinking and actions.

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