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We design, plan and build high-quality indoor and outdoor steel staircases according to DIN 18065 with expertise and constructive imagination. We offer string, quarter- or half-coiled ladder stringer, landing, spiral, corkscrew and many other types of staircases. Taking the on-site architectural conditions into consideration, we build individual steel staircases according to your needs and wishes.

The staircases will be delivered as an all-inclusive package with steps and rails, which will be custom made regarding safety, functional and aesthetical requirements. There are no limits as far as the choice of materials. We offer a wide range of various types of steps made from all kinds of wood, nevel or open mesh steps, different types of steps made of stone or concrete or glass steps (either blasted or treated with screen printing method), all of which will align your prevailing architecture.

Our custom made steel staircases are timelessly elegant objects and will connect your room levels in an appealing and safe way.

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